Who is Jymmi James?

Jymmi James was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in the year 1980. At the early age of 5, he discovered compact disks don’t work with fisher price turntables. At age 9 he figured out how to make helicopter sounds on his dad’s Korg Polysix. This didn’t scare the neighbors as he had expected and to this day, Jymmi has not made a track using helicopter sounds.

With several remixes done on Clean House, he prefers to mangle the originals into heady, trippy goodness. An original EP named “Games & Conversations” will be out soon on his own label Need Music, featuring remixes from Hiro, Alland Byallo and Mr. Clean.

Jymmi loves canned Guinness over bottled Guinness. He’s in an IPA phase at the moment, the one notable exception being ice cold Modelo Especial paired with mission tacos. He prefers to work hard behind the decks and his track selection is always spontaneous. Rumor has it that he may dust off the old Polysix to make some helicopter sounds soon.

Email jymmi@theneedmusic.com for booking and remix opportunities.

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