Miles Sound – Team Buffy EP w/remixes by me


Out now exclusively on beatport.


Dejan Dex – Jymmi James remixes are nice!
Mark Farina – like both tunes.
Moodymanc – nice grooves…on the dl ta
Kane Ian – So Good!
Doc Martin- Will examine a little deeper.
Deep South Audio – some wonky basslines here .. So Good is scorchin.. Expect to see both tunes and Remixes featuring in both radio shows and DJ sets . Me Clean your hitting us with a gem .. Mr James is on the money as well .Thanks
Junior High – So Good Original mix is my favorite. Nice pumpin’ bassline and JB voice samples.
Stefano Lotti – I will try it
Chico Chiquita – really great work, especially so good”!!”
Imaani Brown – dope!!!!
Kinky Movement – liking so good it has a different style of beat to tracks I normally play but I like the contrast with the vox and horns, nicely produced. Cool!
Chemars – Nice techy release, I like the feel on ‘So good – original mix’…will support.
Grant Nelson – Heavy
JiMMi Hendrik – Team Buffy is a way to minimal for my liking but well done. Jymmi James Rmx is very addictive… Love that bassline… Huge!
Anderson Noise – very good
Sasch BBC – i like the jymmi james remixes! thanx
Luca Doobie – jimmy james rmxs for me, both have a personal and distinctive vibe :)
Rob Wu – nice beats! love the Jymmi James style productions!
Arturo Garces – Nice release, really digging Jymmi’s remixes. Thanks!
Mike Jules- miles sound & jymmi james on one EP is bound to be fucking hot! excellent tracks, 10/10!
Rio Soldierman – Quality EP overall. would fit well in a techy set, very well for slovenian clubs. Synthetic i would say!
Bunte Bummler- really nice ep! great work
Elan Hurtado – Simple and dope.
Jose Zaragoza – original of team buffy is the pick here. Has enough energy to work on the dance floor. good job!
Nick Doyle- The catchy and familiar vocals catch your ear while the deep, groovy, bass lines pull you onto the floor. Great start from newcomer Miles Sound!
JR Gonzo – Team Buffy(Original) is simple but got me grooving!!
DJ Ray C – Both Originals for me super stuff.
Sascal – Miles Sound Team Buffy original mix” for me
DJ Narda – Team Buffy is a nice little number.
City Soul Project – Love all these, great release. Liking Jymmi James stuff of late. Good work
J Fader – 2 great debut tracks and 2 great remixes from the man like jymmi james! , miles sound team buffy original mix is the one for me BIG, cleanhouse continues to lead the ways in upfront dance music !

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